In today’s modern world, the public relies on the content available in the local language. Videos are the best medium that connects customers with the brand. Including business presentations, e-learning courses, feature films, corporate and educational videos, promo videos, and many more impress your Chinese customers with a Chinese Simplified version of your video content. Our video localization process makes your video content adaptable to your Chinese customers and enhances the customer experience. To localize video content according to the regions is necessary to attract and hold back the audiences and that’s why the Chinese voiceover studio is here to help you in localizing your video content.

About Chinese Voice Over Studio

The Chinese voiceover studio is an India-based video localization studio in Delhi with 15 years of experience. How happy our clients measure our success. Our professional team of native Chinese linguists is always ready to serve you accurate localization on time within the budget. The Chinese voiceover studio is a post-production studio having a talented team of native Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese linguists. Localization becomes an important part when it comes to growing a local audience and for that, the Chinese voiceover studio is here for you. Our professional linguistics are devoted to serving you with industry-leading localization service. Our Chinese localization team is always devoted to providing you with the best localization quickly and accurately.

Services We Provide

Videos in their native language are customers’ first preference. Through our video Localization service, we help organizations fulfill their localization and culturalization aspirations. Adopting localization makes sense to provide a useful and relevant experience for users. To stay ahead in the global marketplace, video localization is important.

We at the Chinese Voice Over Studio Provide You

Chinese Movie localization
Chinese E-learning video localization
Chinese documentary video localization
Chinese corporate video localization
Chinese animation video localization
Chinese advertising localization and much more.

Why Us

We only hire native Chinese localization experts, including localization professionals, mother-tongue linguists, excelling video editors, our global team of video localization working together to help you create the best Chinese video. By world-class Chinese language experts, we offer Chinese translation services for every industry. The Chinese voiceover studio provides you high-quality subtitling service within the timeline under your budget. Don’t worry about the confidentiality of your project. To ensure confidentiality, safety, and security of your data we are heavily invested in the latest technology because client confidentiality is important to us. With its own set of rules and stipulations, China is a whole distinct culture and a market.

Our extremely talented and trained professional localization team is devoted to serving you with high-quality localization service before the deadline. To provide superior services to our clients we are determined. We at the Chinese voiceover studio have an experienced team of production managers and native Chinese localization team, and an advanced recording studio along with the latest technology recording equipment. To recreate a culturally relevant, immersive viewer experience in Chinese our professional localization team does their best job. to create the perfect Chinese video localization in terms of length, reading speed, and accuracy we use professional translators.

Our professional localization team always meets the requested timeline and delivers you the highest standard possible service. We are committed to providing you with the most accurate, highest quality certified video localization. To contemplate all local benchmarks and traditions to cultivate a culturally pertinent and immersive experience we serve the best Chinese video localization for your project. To assure exceptional quality we carefully handpick our translators and regularly assess their performance. With authenticity, our 24×7 dedicated localization managers and experts deliver the video content.

Our Package

The quality service that we provide, no one in the entire localization industry gives at the same price. Your gratification is what matters to us. It is our commitment to provide high-quality services within your budget before the deadline. For more details feel free to contact us at